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About Posture Pro

$895 for a license to install on two computers.

Posture Pro lets you import a digital posture photo and click on various anatomical landmarks. The software will calculate deviations from normal and show the results in angles and distances. It will also calculate physical forces measured in Newtons and pounds of pull. In just a few seconds you can explain the results and show the client the necessity of care. Then you can use Posture Pro to track progress. Posture Pro also has Q-angle calculations and a special backpack safety calculator.

Here's a list of exclusive Posture Pro features
  • Only Posture Software to Perform Q-Angle Exams
  • Only Posture Software to Measure Loss of Height
  • Only Posture Software to Generate a Person’s Posture Number™
  • Only Posture Software with Mechanical Stress Analysis Screen
  • Only Posture Software with Multi-Language Report Generator
  • Only Posture Software with Backpack Safety Check Screen 
  • Only Posture Software with Evidence Based Stress Test
  • Only Posture Software with Free Updates and Support
The Analysis Screen

The Posture Pro analysis screen put all the tools and resuslts at your fingertips. Calculate angles and distances of offsets AND real-world mechanical stresses attacking the body. Show the client in a dramatic fashion the negative effects of deficient posture.
Stress Screen

The Posture Pro Stress Screen gives your client a peek underneath the skin to see the damaging effects of poor posture on the body. This screen will animate to show normal posture, then the clients results, and will show future degeneration if left untreated. This is a very compelling screen and a feature you will never see in a simple app.

Posture Pro is available as a download to install on your Windows computer(s).

 Posture: It's All About Physical Stress on the Machine

Only Posture Pro calculates the two physical stresses that can wear out the body: Muscle Tension and Compressive Forces.

Posture Pro represents the absolute best value in posture analysis systems. Notice we said "system". When you purchase Posture Pro you are buying the best software, the best training and the best support and service. Period.

Best Software

Posture Pro is the original posture analysis software, introduced in 1996. Since then we have developed many revolutionary features not found anywhere else. Features that make Posture Pro THE choice of health care professionals, shoe companies, fitness certification programs and anyone interested in serious posture evaluations.

Best Training

We add to the value of your purchase by providing a combination of video and live training. We don't just teach you "how" but also "why". The training is extensive and complete. NO EXTRA CHARGE! And, we aren't done with the training until you tell us we are done.

Best Support

24/7 support is offered through our Knowledge Base. Start typing in a question and the KB will start showing items to match your request. Every question ever asked about the software is answered in the KB. Nothing is faster. During business hours (Central Time) you can speak to a live person. We even offer remote access support where our trained staff can access you computer to provide the fastest resolution possible, at no extra charge!