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Posture U.

Advanced Posture Learning and Posture Expert Certification

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Posture University is a new computer based learning system on all things Posture. Completion of the course can lead to a certification as a Posture Professional.*

This is an at-your-pace learning system comprised of almost 200 pages of information.

Learn detailed information about posture, how it's controlled by the body and how it's affected by external sources. Review all the latest research concerning both adult and youth posture. This might be the most detailed collection of posture information ever.

Also learn the latest detection AND correction methods.

 The purpose of the material is to establish a standard in the analysis and treatment of Forward Head Posture in anticipation of school districts across the U.S. adding FHP to scoliosis exams and then needing a referral source.

We also include information on how to use your new knowledge to attract the following patients/clients
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant women
  • Weight Loss programs (You've lost the weight, now stand up straight!)
  • Teens and Tweens, and their parents
A virtual limitless stream of patient/clients 
PLUS, you will be included in our international Posture Pro database at

All material was assembled by Dr. Joe Ventura, one of the leading Posture Experts.



Can You Change Posture?
Add $500-$1000 Per Patient
Understanding the Balance System
Balance Chart
Balance Strategies
Understanding Static Posture
Typical Posture Patient Predictable Stresses
Predictable Stresses #2
Forward Head Posture
Trinity of FHP
Trinity 2
Pregnant Man
Stress on the Machine (Page 57)
Which is More Stable?
Thin Discs or Bad Posture? Fibromyalgia and Posture
Posture correction is a three-pa
PowerPosture Exercises
Posture Blocks™FHP Correction 
Posture Blocks 2
Your Adjustment
Using Posture Pro in the Office
Coding Strategy Using Posture
Posture Curves
Posture and Hips
Two Important Observations Muscles Work-Joints Strain
The Shear Truth about Posture
Abnormal Shear Forces
Which Came First Head or Hip?
How Bad Is Bad?
What’s Your Posture Number?
Poor posture must be identified
Why Focus on Posture?
Prevalence of FHP
Stress on the Machine (Page 34)
Universal Words Posture Studies
Marketing to New Patient Groups
Athletes and Posture
Posture and the Weight Loss 
Poor Posture is Not Self-Correct
Pregnancy and Posture
Posture Number™ Prelim Exam Patient re-activation
ReviewYes You CAN Change Posture
Posture Correction
Stretches/Exercises and Posture 
Posture Improvement Exercises 
Posture Reprogramming DVD
General Stretching and Exercise 



Posture is the Window to Health 
Universal Awareness 
Poor Posture Defined
What is Normal?
Stressors of Poor Posture
School Children Study
Photographic Reliability Study
Postural development in school c
Prevalence and risk factors of p
Generation of Technology Strain Posture Correction Fees
Posture Screenings
Best Locations
Screening Tips
Sample Letter
To Charge or Not to Charge
What to Do at a Screening
Getting People to Stop
Explaining the Posture Number
Screening versus Office Posture 


 Posture Certification requires a successful completion of the posture course and a live review of your posture analysis technique by Dr. Ventura. Your certificate also places your business in our international database of Posture Professionals.