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HIPAA Rules for Mobile Devices Have Just Tightened and Pleading Ignorance Can Cost You $50k, Per Record! Purchase our 2014 HIPAA Mobile Device Summary for $9.95 and save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

We are VenturaDesigns, developers of medical software for over twenty years. Of course we have looked at developing mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. But everytime, we have stopped because our average customer just does not have the time or resources to hire a HIPAA firm to assist them with compliance. To help, we have assembled a 2300 word white paper outlining all the issues to consider and how to address them to become HIPAA compliant with mobile devices.

You will learn things like:

  • Why you should NEVER use your personal device to create, store or send patient health information (PHI)
  • Why a password protected PDF file offers virtually no protection and why you should NEVER e-mail them. (We even have a video showing how easy it is to crack a PDF file password)

HIPAA is not a suggestion and the Office of Cival Rights is stepping up enforcement. By understanding the risks of using a mobile device you can prevent or mitigate the risks to your patient data.

Visit and purchase the white paper for only $9.95. We think it's the best investment in your practice security you can make today.