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The Posture Number

What's Your Posture Number?®

I've been asked several times in the past two weeks "what sets Posture Pro apart from other posture software". While there are several features exclusive to Posture Pro, the most important is generating the patient's Posture Number. This simple singular number contains a wealth of information concerning real-world physical forces attacking a person's spine and support musculature. We worked with two PhDs in biophysics to come up with a simple and accurate method of calculating downward compressive forces on the vertebra, and muscle tension forces. In addition a clever method of estimating pelvic tilt was devised. A ton of important and real information from just 5 clicks on the screen. And because this formula s proprietary, ONLY Posture Pro can generate a Posture Number.

How Prevelant is a High Posture Number?

A recent review of 1,500 posture exams revealed, across all age and gender groups, a Posture Number of 10 or above was found in 96.4% of the patients.

A Posture Number of 10 means this for the average patient:

- About 1 inch of forward head travel
- Weight of the head effectively doubles
- Cervical spine discs and joints feel an increase of 21 Newtons of downward force
- Muscles of the back of the neck feel an additional 26 lbs of tension
- Pelvis tilts forward 4 degrees
- Lumbar spine shear forces reverse direction
- Hamstrings stretch
- Quads relax

These forces attack the joints and muscles leading to increased "Stress on the Machine" and eventual structural damage.

Average Posture Number in the database review was 17. This means most people coming into your office are probably experiencing symptoms related to their posture. This also means the additional forces described above are about double.

Musculoskeletal issues related to Posture is rapidly becoming an epidemic. The good news, this trend can be stopped and reversed without drugs or surgery by a properly qualified and trained health care professional.

It only takes about 17 seconds to generate a Posture Number with Posture Pro. Your return on that investment will be enormous.

Dr. Joe Ventura